Hybride Zeiten. Temporale Dynamiken 1400-1600 (SNF)

Das Projekt untersucht, wie Aspekte von Zeit und Zeitlichkeit im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert zunehmende Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen und welche Subtilität Zeitfragen in literarischen Texten erhalten.

Hybrid Temporalities. Temporal Changes 1400-1600 (SNF)

The project explores the emergence of a new sensibility for phenomena of time and temporality in the 15th and 16th centuries and the increase of temporal dynamics, particularly in literature.

The Power of Wonder

The Instrumentalization of Admiration, Astonishment and Surprise in Discourses of Knowledge, Power and Art (A SNF Sinergia Project)

This project aims to provide groundbreaking insights into the social relevance of aesthetic emotions, by showing that the analysis of the deliberate instrumentalization of wonder (Staunen) in political, scientific, social and artistic contexts casts an innovative light onto the structuring of cultural values, the ordering of knowledge and our practices of governance and domination.